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Change Page Layout from Article Page to WebPart Page in SharePoint 2013

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By Default, When you use “Add a Page” option in Site Actions to Create a Page, a Page using Article Page Layout gets Created. Just to make it clear we are talking about “Add a Page” option that is in the screen below.

SharePoint 2013 Add a Page

To Change the default Layout (for this “Add a Page”) to your Custom Layout or to a WebPart Page Layout, you can use “Page layouts and site templates” feature that is available in Site Settings of your Publishing sites.

Lets look the Steps on how to do this -

1. Firstly, navigate to Site Settings using the Settings wheel or Site Actions in your SharePoint 2013 site.

2. Under “Look and Feel” Select “Page layouts and site templates”. Make Sure you have Publishing feature enabled to see this option.

 SharePoint 2013 page layouts and Site Templates

3. In Page layouts and site templates page in “New Page Default Settings” section Select the page Layout that you need to set as default in “Select the default page layout:” list.

SharePoint 2013 default Page

Once you have set this option, when you Create a new Page using “Add a Page”, a new WebPart Page will be Created.

Create a Page using “Add a Page” for testing purposes.

Resulting Page –
SharePoint 2013 WebPart Page Layout

The above page has Title and Page Content Fields added by default.You can Ignore these Fields and use WebPart Zones Instead.

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