Friday, 26 April 2013

New Project Page Layout in SharePoint 2013 Wiki Site

Each Wiki Site has a Library called “Pages” that can accommodate additional Wiki pages added to your site. By default, two Pages – Home and About are added.

For a Content Author by default, three types of Wiki pages are available -

  • Enterprise Wiki Page
  • Redirect Page
  • Project Page

SharePoint 2013 Wiki Page Types

Enterprise Wiki Page – This is a Default Layout Type for any page Created in the Wiki site.

Redirect Page – This Page Layout is used when a User wants to Create a Page for Redirecting Purposes.

Project Page – Project Page Layout is a new Content Type added to a Wiki Site. A Project Page Layout is used for Creating Wiki Pages specific to Projects in the Company. This Layout has a special right Column for adding Metadata about the Project with Fields such as Project Status, Contact Person and Web Page address for the Project. See an example of Page Created using this Content Type below.

SharePoint 2013 Project Page

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