Saturday, 11 May 2013

CallOut Popups displayed for specific lists in SharePoint 2013

I was asked this question to turn-on CallOut Popups for Announcements list where popups where going to get display the description of the field.

I researched why the Callouts does not appear on the Announcements list as I thought they get displayed for all of them by default but clearly this is not the case.

By default, CallOuts are displayed for certain types of lists and Libraries. I found the list here at Working with CallOut Popups in SharePoint 2013 post from

CallOut Popups are displayed for following Lists & Libraries -

  • Document Library
  • Assert Library
  • Images Library
  • Pages Library
  • Task Lists

Lists that do not display CallOut Popups are -

  • Custom Lists
  • Announcements Lists
  • Calendar List
  • Discussions List

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