Saturday, 13 July 2013

Migrate Content in new SharePoint 2013 Online\Office 365 Site

You can now use a new Public Site Content Migration App to copy pages, documents, images, navigation, and more from your existing website to your new website in Office 365.

If your Office 365 account was recently upgraded, you’ll notice that you end up with two public websites.The Public site (middle) is your current website and the New public site (right) is the new website introduced with the upgrade. With both websites available, you can take your time learning how to use the new website and upgrade websites at your own pace. Or, if you’re not using your current website, then don’t upgrade at all.

To start the upgrade, go to the new website and install the Public Site Content Migration App. (Choose Settings   > Add an app select SharePoint Store and search for Public Site Content Migration App.)

Once you install it, open the app on your new website. (Settings   > Site contents > Public Site Content Migration.)

Follow the instructions, which starts with installing the migration app on your existing (pre-upgrade) website then returning to the migration app on your new website to finish. (Your existing website must be upgraded to the latest version of SharePoint before you can install the migration app there.)

When you’re finished migrating content and customizing the new website, you’re ready to switch to the new public website. You do this in two steps. First, make the website public so that everyone can see it. (You do this from the new website itself.)

Then, you change the website address (URL) of the new website so it uses your custom domain name, (like This assumes you own a custom domain name; if not, then there’s no additional step here.

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