Thursday, 18 April 2013

SharePoint 2013 Design Manager Examples

SharePoint 2013 Design Manager Tutorials. This month we Started Exploring a new Feature of SharePoint 2013 called “Design Manger”.

This is Suppose to be a good replacement of the existing SharePoint Designer to Create Master Pages & Layout Pages in SharePoint 2013. Design Manager is a Cool new addition as it lets you Convert a simple HTML Template into a SharePoint Master Page(along with an awesome Preview functionality), Create a Layout Page, Get Code Snippets for SharePoint Components, Manage Design Templates for Search webparts and more.

Lets look at some of the Features & Benefits of using Design Manager.

1. Design Manager can only be used on Publishing sites(or sites with Publishing Feature turned-on).
2. You can Navigate to Design Manager from Site Settings menu and from Site Settings Page under Look and Feel.
3. You can upload the entire Design Package using “Import Design Package” option or you can Create Design Package using “Create Design Package” option.
4. You can Manage Device Channels – Create and Edit Channels.
5. Upload an HTML Master Page and Create a minimal master page.
6. Create an Edit Page Layouts.
7. Edit Display Templates.
8. Change Site and System Master Page
9. Lets you Preview Master Pages, Layout Pages and navigate to Snippet Gallery.
10. Lets you get Code from Snippet Gallery(for SharePoint Components) to be added to Master Pages & Layouts.

To begin with, consider Mapping Master Page Gallery as a Network drive. Opening Master Page Gallery as Explorer would let you Copy and Paste the design files that you can use in Design Manager.

Lets look some of these examples -

Add an Html Master Page to SharePoint 2013 using Design Manager
– With Design Manager, you can now Create a SharePoint Master Page out of a simple HTML Page Template – that you can either download from Internet or create it a notepad. See an example…

Create a Custom Page Layout in SharePoint 2013 This is a Step-by-Step tutorial on how to Create a Custom Page Layout in SharePoint 2013.We will use the new Design Manager to Create a Layout (from an existing one) and then edit it in one of the editors like Notepad.Once the layout is Created and Uploaded to Master Page Gallery, you can edit the generated html file in an editor of your choice and upload it back to the Master Page Gallery. See an example…

Add Snippets from Snippet Gallery in Master Pages & Layout Pages in SharePoint 2013 This is a Step-by-Step tutorial on How to use “Snippet gallery” and how to add Snippets for SharePoint Controls in Layout Pages using the design manager. See an example…

Add Navigation, Security Trimming and more Snippets in Master Page in SharePoint 2013 In SharePoint 2013 the new Snippet Gallery provides an easy way to get Codes for very useful SharePoint Out-of-box Controls like Navigation, Security Trimming Control, Edit Panel Control, Search, Device Channel and more. SharePoint 2013 Design Manager Tutorials

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