Sunday, 18 November 2012

SharePoint 2013 Use Project Sites to Manage Work

SharePoint 2013 Use Project Sites to Manage Work

Project sites enable people in an organization to effectively collaborate on lightweight projects. Project managers can quickly get a sense of what’s going on in a project, and team members can quickly see how their work fits into the overall context. Project sites also enable teams to access and share relevant data, documents, and communication.

A project site provides the following:
  • Project Summary Web Part.
  • Visual timeline of the project’s tasks.
  • Project task schedule.
  • Library for storing relevant project documents.
  • Notebook for quickly capturing and organizing information about the project.
  • Shared calendar for team events.
  • Ability to connect to the Project Server 2013 client application.
When SharePoint is connected to Exchange, a project site can also include a team mailbox, for unified communication about the project as it progresses.
When a project site is part of a site collection that is associated with Project Server 2013, it can also be used to capture issues, risks, and deliverables. The tasks list on the project site (or on a team site) can be added to the Project Web App for more robust project management functionality.

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