Wednesday, 7 November 2012

New Features in SharePoint 2013 Developer Dashboard

In SharePoint 2013 there is an Interactive addition in the new Developer Dashboard with which you can now View ULS logs (under a dedicated tab) for particular request.No more running around the admin teams or getting to SharePoint servers for ULS logs that you need.
Developer Dashboard in SharePoint 2013 improved to provide more information in more accurate way to track and debug issues with page rendering time.
  • Running in separate window to avoid affecting rendering of actual page
  • Detailed request information per page with chant view
  • Dedicated tab for ULS log entries for particular request
  • Additional detailed information included for request analyzing
  • Works by using dedicated WCF service (diagnosticsdata.svc)
  • You can enable (On) it or disable it (Off) by using  Powershell [Ondemand option is deprecated in SharePoint 2013]
  • Turn Off by default
  • Depends on "Usage and Health Data Collection Service Application" so make sure this service is created [Make sure Its job Timers are running]

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